Public Art Projects ~ Arroyo Grande, California


Arroyo Grande Public Art

Arroyo Grande Public Arts is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to bringing public art to the City of Arroyo Grande. We hope to enrich Arroyo Grande’s natural beauty with art that reflects our unique culture and rich history… Read on

What is Public Art?

The term public art refers to works of art in any media that have been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in the public domain, usually outside and accessible to all. The term is significant within the art world, to whom it signifies a particular working practice, with implications of site specificity, community involvement and collaboration.

Rooster with Red Comb

Photography Credit

Many of the photographic images on this website are by Vivian Krug Cotton – Emotions Photography & Gifts. Thank you for your service to our community and permission to use your beautiful photographs.